An exploration of isometric perspective visualizing my creative process.

comparison of sketch to final artwork
picture of people at mayofest, there is a large hand buitl structure with penant banners hanging from even level

Making a Monster

As the designer ascends the mountain things become more decrepit. As sleep is lost, hours fly by, sanity is questioned—the designer's creation is brought to life.

If you look closely, you can see the designer was working on this very illustration all along.

the starting stages of the creative process, illustrated with an interaction between the client and the designer

The proposal

The project starts with a proposal, whether from a teacher, boss, or client. They say when people make you nervous imagine them in their underwear.


This phase shows exhaustive research (literally).

working through the process, the designer moves onto research and rough prototyping


During ideation, we follow the scraps of paper to find the designer between fueling and sketching. A little messy—but very explorative.


Between problem statements, target audiences, personas, concepts, prototyping—there is the real MVP—a great cup of coffee.

the final image shows the designer's ascent through the creative process, illustrated with a mad scientist feel ending on the top of stormy mountain summit


Following the designer up the mountain, a mad scientist is born as her creation comes to life (cue thunder and lightning).

closeup of illustrations, this one featuring the designer's cats
closeup of illustrations, this one showing the final product, with a stressed designer
closeup of illustrations, this one featuring the different poses the designer is in throughout
full image top to bottom, mountain shows designer's creative process. compares it to frakenstein's monster