Daily Dino News

Daily Dino News is the up-and-coming news program for kids that's all about dinosaurs. This project didn't only involve creating an identity for the program, it also included making a video pitch to show potential investors.

storyboarding for dailt dino news video pitch. photo credits to Katrin Emery.
shows collaborative design process, three hands stretch over piece of paper showing sketches and mind mapping. brainstorming, creative, dinosaurs, graphic design, branding.

Five minds work better

This project was founded through Algonquin College's Applied Research Institute (ARI), where we created a proposal to work with Gerald Tripp, who is renowned in the animation world.

As Team Lead, I was in charge of client and group communications, creating a schedule, setting milestones and deadlines, as well as processing and handing off all final deliverables.

We are Designosaurus, joining me was Katrin Emery, MJ Holland, Cecilia Bleszynski, and Kait Moore.

With an amazing team of people well versed in motion graphics, illustration, and branding—we were the team to get this concept off the ground.

shows the progression of the logo from sketch to a vector illustration on adobe illustrator shows the evolution of the vector illustration, beginning with a meteor the final has lost this in the still. there was also a mid range one experimenting with a microphone in the dino's hand


From 50 sketches, we narrowed it down to 4. As a creative tool we decided we wouldn't be the ones to develop our own concept, I developed Katrin Emery's sketch to present to the client.

I was primarily the one to develop and illustrate the logo throughout. I also prepared it to be animated.

From pencil to pixel, this logo was refined and developed for its primary purpose—being animated.

storyboarding for daily dino news video pitch trailer

Putting things in motion

We used storyboarding to plan how graphic elements would interact with the content and timing of the script. White boards aren't big enough, so I picked up some end-of-ream paper rolls for us to put on the walls of our study room.

Throughout the production of the video I was in charge of providing assets like stock photography, sound effects, background music, and illustrations.

After presenting our storyboards to the client, we had two weeks production time to finish the pitch presentation.

Student's Choice!

We won the Student's Choice award for Best in Show!

Stay tuned for more on Daily Dino News! With this new presentation for investors, it's only a matter of time before this concept gets off the ground!

shows ddn in various forms of media


After the project we did peer reviews, I got this anonymous comment back from one of the group members:

"She always did every part (or more) and was a fantastic leader. She helped everyone do their job and was always there to answer questions. If we didn't know how to do something, she would help or switch roles, or do it herself. She did a great job with every part of the project.

As team lead she maintained contact with the client and kept our project organized and on track over the semester. She also contributed a lot to the development of the brand, but knew where and when to delegate work and fostered drive and ambition in the project. She kept us well informed of client communication, and was a driving force in keeping us going despite the strike."