Verjus Label

Produced for KIN Vineyards, a local vineyard and winery.

storyboarding for dailt dino news video pitch. photo credits to Katrin Emery.

A rich history

Verjus is produced from harvesting immature green grapes, and reducing them to a bitter and unique ingredient used in gourmet cooking.

With French origins, verjus was extremely popular before modern trading between countries. It was used as an ingredient to make dishes sour before trading brought lemons to France.

Verjus is now a rare, highly sought after ingredient—espescially in the gourmet cooking community.

earth label concept.


Inspired by the depth of history and flavour assosciated with verjus. Shrouded in mystery and making a strong comeback, verjus is the best kept secret in gourmet cooking.

earth label concept.
earth label concept.


Focusing on the traditional roots surrounding verjus and it’s culture. Drying herbs are reminiscent of fine dining and simpler times.

earth label concept.
earth label concept.


As a summer exclusive to KIN vineyards, verjus is a welcome and festive surprise. The French origins are shown strongly in this look. From colours to imagery, the roots of verjus come through.

earth label concept.

Coming soon

When my internship with Cinnamon Toast ended, I left KIN with my concept presentation. CT will keep in touch about which they choose.

Which one is your favourite?